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We welcome applications from current students, industry leaders, and former MPP graduates. The purpose of this blog is to make high-level policy research accessible to the general public. To that end, posts should be:

  • Between 500-900 words. Occasionally, we will accept longer submissions of up to 3,000 words, but this length has to be justified.

  • Accessible, but also original. This means that we expect you to reference your sources, and back up your claim with empirical evidence. We used hyperlinked footnotes in all of our publications; however, we don't want an academic article, so don't make it too footnote-heavy. We like it when you link to other articles, or debate other policy writers (see U of T's policy website).

  • We're still outlining our house style guide. So don't worry too much about whether you use Chicago, APA, or MLA at this point.

  • Everybody likes pretty pictures. Please include graphs and images where you can, to engage us and other readers. Original or cited content only, please.

  • Photographers, we welcome donated photos of the YYC landscape or anything related to our policy topics (see the main navigation bar). The higher the resolution, the better.

  • Radio broadcasters, if you have any brilliant podcast ideas, let us know!